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Infographic: A Beginner’s Guide to UFC

It’s only in the last decade or so that UFC has broken into the mainstream consciousness, but the organization is 25 years old in 2018. That’s right, it was established as far back as 1993 and existed on a small … Continue reading

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Michael Bisping’s Career – The Toughest Middleweight of All Time

Say what you like about Michael Bisping, but he has heart, bravery and fitness like nobody else the middleweight division has seen.     He’s been a top 5 middleweight for years and has fought in the UFC for over … Continue reading

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MMA Strength & Conditioning Infographic

Bit of a work in progress…see our MMA strength and conditioning program and pdf here I would also recommend doing a lot of single leg work, such as Bulgarian Split Squats, single leg plyometrics (be mindful of injuries with plyometrics) … Continue reading

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Infographic – Beginner’s Guide to Photography

I was learning about photography and got a bit carried away and made an infographic:   So if you’re looking to do photography for an MMA or martial arts event you will probably want A fast shutter speed to freeze … Continue reading

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CBD Oil Infographic

My latest Adobe Illustrator creation – The health benefits of CBD Oil… Continue reading

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Yoga Infographic

Nice little infographic from Furniture@Work The one thing that does my tree in about working in an office all day, is how stiff my glutes up to my neck are.  The stiff neck can give me pretty bad headaches. I’d … Continue reading

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