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The Drew Jiu-Jitsu Grappling System

This is a work in progress, but give you an idea… An If-This-Then-That style approach to grappling. I never want to be stuck in a position thinking “I’ve absolutely no idea what I’m doing” (which happens a lot) Scrambles Keep … Continue reading

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MMA Techniques 2018

Here is a list of techniques to expect and to look out for in 2018, based on worked well in 2017 The Calf Roundhouse Kick Introduced to the mainstream by Benson Henderson, the calf roundhouse kick has made a devastatingĀ entrance … Continue reading

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Which Martial Art is Best?

Depends on the coach, what your goals are, and a few other things, but here are some quick thoughts and my personal 2p’s worth… Muay Thai Excluding MMA, Muay Thai, I would say (but what do I know?) is the … Continue reading

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