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Wellbeing & Business – Podcast Episode 1

Best described as “Not the Joe Rogan Experience” – my new podcast covers wellbeing, fitness, nutrition and also a bit of digital marketing to finish. In the first episode I cover: Garlic – crush in 20 mins before you eat … Continue reading

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Marketing – Exploitation of Insecurities

There are quite a few different ways in which marketers try and convince us to buy their products.  Possibly the most widely used method, involves identifying and exploiting common insecurities within a given demographic. Marlboro for example, famously hired Wayne … Continue reading

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Cool SlideShare on Video Content Marketing

Video Content & SEO Great bit of content (via slides, kind of ironically) from distilled:  

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Allow GoogleBot access to your CSS and Javascript files

The official Google forum/website has announced that if you do not allow the Googlebot to crawl your CSS and JS files, your rankings could be impacted. This basically means that if you are disallowing the Googlebot in your robots.txt file, … Continue reading

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SEO 2014 Link Building Video

Some Link building ideas. White hat link building 2014

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