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Muay Thai Stretching routine .pdf [2022]

Daily Stretching Routine for Muay Thai pdf can be downloaded near the bottom… To build dynamic flexibility, you will need to stretch dynamically with ballistic stretches such as leg swings. Note that the risk of injury is quite high when … Continue reading

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Plyometrics MMA Workout

Power is one of the most important physical attributes a fighter can possess. It can be the difference between a knockout victory or a loss – how many times have you seen a fighter behind on the judges scorecards only … Continue reading

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Shin Conditioning at Home for MMA & Muay Thai

Shin toughening, shin conditioning, shin rolling, whatever you call it, is a huge aspect of Muay Thai. Checking shins is a horrible, horrible feeling, but try kicking the bag for the first time and that’ll almost floor you too! Get … Continue reading

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Le régime de boxeur et le plan de régime de boxeur

For the English Version of the Boxer’s Diet & Diet Plan post, please Click Here e les jours (dans une certaine mesure) où la nutrition sportive était tout au sujet de la nutrition pré-entraînement et post-entraînement … pour la récupération … Continue reading

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MMA Techniques 2020

Here is a list of techniques to expect and to look out for in 2018, based on worked well in 2017 The Calf Roundhouse Kick Introduced to the mainstream by Benson Henderson, the calf roundhouse kick has made a devastating entrance … Continue reading

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MMA for Beginners

This will look at the technical aspects of MMA, rather than the rules etc, for those who want to train, rather than exclusively watch the sport. Boxing Before you begin Adopt a side-on boxing stance Usually your dominant foot is … Continue reading

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Which Martial Art is Best?

Depends on the coach, what your goals are, and a few other things, but here are some quick thoughts and my personal 2p’s worth… Muay Thai Excluding MMA, Muay Thai, I would say (but what do I know?) is the … Continue reading

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