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Shin Conditioning at Home for MMA & Muay Thai

Shin toughening, shin conditioning, shin rolling, whatever you call it, is a huge aspect of Muay Thai. Checking shins is a horrible, horrible feeling, but try kicking the bag for the first time and that’ll almost floor you too! Get … Continue reading

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Dad Bod Home Workout

I’ve noticed that people don’t listen etc unless you’re ripped/lean etc. so anyway – I popped my topless cherry with this 5 minute workout: Dad Bod Back, Traps & Biceps Workout Location is variable but for effect I’ve chosen the … Continue reading

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Home Workouts with the Kids

Disclaimer – Exercise at your own risk If you love and pretty much live for fitness, Jiu Jitsu and/or MMA, then having kids is often a bit of a bottleneck in your training. Your priorities should change, so that after … Continue reading

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