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New Philosophy on Life

Combing the Teachings of Aristotle & Rocky Sorry – my posts are very short at the moment as I’m working from home and juggling looking after the kids – one who’s just started walking Decide on Your Virtues Every tribe … Continue reading

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The Book of 5 Rings – Summary

Born in the 16th century, near the end of the Japanese civil war, Miyamoto Musashi was a nomadic samurai who fought in a small number of battles, but dozens of duels. He is known as Japan’s greatest swordsman. The book … Continue reading

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Coping with Bellends

I hear, on a daily basis, probably hourly basis, people – complaining about people. Some of it just first-world-problemesc. First thing to do – be open to the possibility that you’re a bellend and just as bad. Elbert, in the … Continue reading

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