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Andrew Huberman Podcast Notes -Episode 12 – Motivation & Drive

Notes taken mainly from memory, please listen to the podcast to confirm Andrew Huberman Podcast Episode 12 Notes how to increase motivation and drive Dopamine is released in anticipationDopamine makes u take action, usually towards some kind of goal novelty … Continue reading

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Best Carl Jung Quotes

Carl Jung was an early advocate of analytical psychology and like Freud is well known for his work relating to theories of personality & the human subconscious. Whilst Freud’s work, was still rooted in 19th century theories regarding suppressed desires, … Continue reading

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Intrinsic Goals vs Extrinsic Goals – How they can hinder success & happiness

Goals have been associated with sports psychology and general high-achievers for several decades. They’re also inherently tied to personal development and Positive psychology. The type of goal you set is in many ways, as important as the outcome. Coaches and … Continue reading

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Easy Ways to Increase Positive Energy

Not directly MMA related, but an optimistic mindset and enthusiasm will definitely help with the grind of training and pre-fight nerves. Positive Self Talk Have a mantra such as “Cool, calm & collected” Here‘s a list of other possible mantras … Continue reading

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How to Get Fit in 2018 (Simple Tricks to Get in Shape)

  Be Accountable – Excuses are for Children & Chavs Take ownership of your diet, fitness and physical health. Playing the victim and finger-pointing is a terrible habit in all aspects of life; not only will it lead to less … Continue reading

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