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Simple Exercises for Football Players to Increase Speed & Decrease Injury Risk

In an ideal world (does one exist in the universe?) each player would have a professional strength and conditioning coach, who could teach him or her to perform Olympic Lifts and plyometrics safely and effectively. Unless you’re a pro player, … Continue reading

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Knee Injuries & Rehab in MMA

This article will look at the most common knee injuries that can arise from both MMA training and competition.  Anatomy of the Knee The knee joint works like a hinge to bend and straighten the lower leg and is made up … Continue reading

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Limiting Factors of Human Performance

For information purposes only. Exercise at your own risk Please note – studies in the blog post are referenced by the scientist’s name and then the year in brackets. eg. Williams (1994) refers to a scientist called Williams, who carried … Continue reading

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Do Altitude Masks Work?

Do Altitude Masks Work? In a word “yes” Altitude masks have 2 main physiological effects: 1. They generate a hypoxic training environment – by restricting oxygen intake 2. They strengthen respiratory muscles – by making it more difficult to breathe … Continue reading

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Cardio Hacks for MMA

Wim Hof Check out the Wim Hof Breathing Technique, this will increase the strength and power of your lungs, providing a better ‘base’ for your MMA specific cardio.   Baking Soda Baking soda buffers lactic acid, allowing you to grapple … Continue reading

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Cherry Juice for Joint Pain & Recovery

If you live in the UK, there’s an excellent programme on Channel 4 (first 3 series are on the 4player app-thing) called ‘Superfoods the Real Story‘. One episode looked at cherry juice and did a (non-scientific) experiment on American Football … Continue reading

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