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Sport Science Overview for Football [2022]

I’ve made a quick video regarding sport science for football or soccer. It can be applied to most sports though, including MMA. I’ve found most coaches to be pretty old school – generally angry w*nkers with no ability to coach … Continue reading

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Grappling Fundamentals For MMA

Grappling Fundamentals for MMA An If-This-Then-That style approach to grappling. I never want to be stuck in a position thinking “I’ve absolutely no idea what I’m doing” (which happens a lot) It’s always best to learn basic positions and escapes … Continue reading

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Health Benefits of a 24 Hour Fast

Health Benefits of a 1 Day Fast Repair of the Mucosal Lining of the stomach/GI Tract (reference) Enhanced insulin sensitivity (reference) Reduced Blood cholesterol & Triglycerides (reference) Improved physical energy Improved mental clarity Helps to support the immune system (reference) … Continue reading

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Beastgear Hand Wraps Review

Great Product as ever from BeastGear! As far as handwraps go, they are as good as they get – usual great attention to detail and care in the product from the manufacturer/brand. Extra long, strong material, stretchy, comfortable, well made … Continue reading

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MMA for Beginners

This will look at the technical aspects of MMA, rather than the rules etc, for those who want to train, rather than exclusively watch the sport. Boxing Before you begin Adopt a side-on boxing stance Usually your dominant foot is … Continue reading

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GSP Workout

GSP – a lovely chap, great fighter and a potential underwear model. GSP put on some serious mass for his fight with Micheal Bisping, we look at how you can do the same. To Build Mass You Need Calories GSP … Continue reading

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