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Bending Horseshoes by Hand & Horseshoe Bending Technique

A great demonstration of strength of the hands, grip and the ability to brace against your leg – bending horseshoes is a great party trick (if you party in a barn) and also a good goal to aim for if … Continue reading

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Neck Bridges for MMA

Your spine if very precious and important! Don’t risk injuring it with neck bridges. Bridges are traditionally used by wrestlers and boxers to develop strength in their neck. A strong neck can help to reduce the risk of concussion and … Continue reading

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Chin Ups for Beginners

If you are training at home, a chin up bar is arguably the one essential piece of kit. I use the Power Bar 2 from Amazon: How to Do Your First Pull Ups At your own risk – be careful … Continue reading

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GSP Workout

GSP – a lovely chap, great fighter and a potential underwear model. GSP put on some serious mass for his fight with Micheal Bisping, we look at how you can do the same. To Build Mass You Need Calories GSP … Continue reading

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Too much Weights, Not Enough Speed Work

Some issues I’ve had from doing weights, and then attempting to move onto martial arts. This is a criticism of myself, and nobody else. 1. Tight Muscles I don’t know the exact science around this, but I’m guessing, the bigger … Continue reading

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Study of the week – Muscle Temperature and Power Output

Took me ages to find any studies on this: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF00424812 The above study looked at pedalling power output during maximal sprints. After warming the legs in a 44‡ C water bath there was an increase of ∼11% in maximal peak … Continue reading

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