Boxing Combinations

boxing jab

Jab with head to the left. Keep left shoulder up to protect chin


Here are some combinations to try out on the pads and punchbag.

Boxing Combinations

Double Jab

Jab, Cross

Double Jab, Cross

Left Jab, Cross, Left Hook, Cross

Left Jab to the head, Right cross to the body, Left Hook to the head

Left Jab, Left Hook

Left Jab, Left Hook to the head, Left Hook to the bdoy

Right Uppercut, Left Hook, Right Uppercut

Right Cross, Left Hook, Right Cross

Thai Boxing Combinations

Right Cross, Left Hook, Right roundhouse to the leg

Right cross, left roundhouse to the body

Defend kick with high knee, throw right roundhouse to the leg, then Russian Left Hook

Dummy Left teep, left inside leg kick, right cross, left hook

Double jab, right teep

Right cross, left hook, right knee


Practicing Combinations Using a Punch Bag


Practicing Combinations on the Pads


Apologies for the format of this page – I will add some animated Gifs and some pics when I have built my gym at home!