Bruce Lee Fighting Style

Bruce Lee took the concepts of different fighting styles including Wing Chun Kung Fu and fencing and modified them to suit his particular preferences and skills.

He created the concept of JKD – arguably the best style of fighting for self-defence (other contenders include MMA & Krav Maga). JKD was effectively a philosophy regarding the martial arts – cross train in different styles, adapt & modify techniques and never been restricted to one particular art.

This was a pioneering mindset & approach at the time – even today you see people brain-washed into thinking their one particular style is the ultimate martial art.

Below is an interested video of Bruce Lee sparring/fighting in an exhibition. He is right-handed yet fights in the southpaw stance with his right hand & foot in front.


See also Bruce Lee’s 5 Ways of Attack.

  1. Single Attack – e.g. a Jab
  2. Attack by combination – e.g. Jab, cross, inside leg kick
  3. Attack By Drawing – e.g. Anderson Silva with his hands-down
  4. Indirect Attack – e.g. Throw a jab, note your opponent’s reaction. Throw a second jab, counter your opponent according to his initial reaction
  5. Hand Immobilisation Techniques/Hand Traps – e.g. pushing your opponent’s left hand downwards to lower his/her guard before throwing a right cross. Fedor used to love to ‘trap’ his opponent’s hands before throwing a right overhand


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    wow! its so interesting , Thanks for this post

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