Boston Crab Submission in MMA

This guy pulled off the wall of Jericho, AKA the Boston Crab in an MMA fight:

boston crab MMA

Image Taken from Forum (probably the best MMA forum in the world, especially now the Cagewarriors forum is gone!)


Check out some other excellent and entertaining WWE Pro Wrestling moves in MMA in this video:

List of Professional Wrestling Moves

If you’re an MMA fighter, here’s a list of professional wrestling moves you can try and pull off:
Cross-legged STF
Muta lock
Figure-four armlock
Rope-hung figure-four armlock
Stepover armlock
Cross armbar
Flying cross armbar
Crucifix armbar
Fujiwara armbar
Headscissors armbar
Scissored armbar
Short arm scissors
Tiger feint crucifix armbar

Ankle lock
Cloverleaf with armlock
Inverted cloverleaf
Leglock cloverleaf
Rivera cloverleaf
Cross knee lock
Damascus head and leglock
Figure-four/Figure-eight leglock
Haas of Pain
Kneeling figure-four leglock
Reverse figure-four leglock
Ringpost figure-four leglock
Standing figure-four leglock
Indian deathlock
Inverted Indian deathlock
Spinning toe hold
Anaconda vise
Arm triangle choke
Corner foot choke
Double choke
Figure-four necklock/headlock
Guillotine choke
Half nelson choke
Three-quarter nelson choke
Koji clutch
Leg choke
Pentagram choke
Single arm choke
Sleeper hold
Arm-hook sleeper
Cobra clutch
Bridging cobra clutch
Dragon sleeper
Hangman’s choke
Rear naked choke
Straight jacket
Thumb choke hold
Tongan death grip
Triangle choke
Two-handed chokelift
Transition holds
Arm wrench
Reverse crucifix
Electric chair
Fireman’s carry
Float over
Gorilla press
Lady of the lake

Stepover toehold

Collar-and-elbow tie-up
Giant swing
Sunset flip
Tree of woe

Bridging chickenwing
Crossface chickenwing
Double chickenwing
Bridging double chickenwing
Elevated double chickenwing
Kimura lock
Wrist lock
Body locks
Bear hug
Waist lock
Body scissors
Back and torso stretches
Abdominal stretch
Boston crab
Bow and arrow hold
Gory special
Lotus lock
Octopus hold
Rocking chair
Cross-armed surfboard
Seated surfboard

Camel clutch
Leg-trap camel clutch
Stepover armlock camel clutch
Front chinlock
Reverse chinlock
Mandible claw
Shoulder claw
Stomach claw
Chickenwing over-the-shoulder crossface
Double underhook crossface
Straight jacket crossface
Front chancery
Front facelock
Inverted facelock

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