Gifts for the Impossible Man UK [2022]

if you want to buy something for the proverbial (and commonly searched for on Google) Impossible man, then look no further

JetBoil Camping Stove

if the man in question likes the outdoors or camping in anyway, or just likes cooking stuff quickly, then the jetboil is an amazing present.

Stand Up Punchbag

If you need some stress relief or your impossible bloke is looking to get Fit, a freestanding punch bag is a good shout.

you can move them about and if you only have a spare room at gym, it’s a better option than hanging a heavy bag.

The METIS 6ft standing punchbag has great reviews on Amazon and can be filled with sand to weight well over 100kg – so it’s extremely robust and hard to knock over.


kettlebells are highly versatile keep fit equipment. Resistance bands are also a good shout for any fitness enthusiast.

They can be used for a huge array of workouts. Usually best to buy a heavy kettlebell for floor press and one arm row, slightly lighter one for cleans and snatches

Solar panel Kit

you can get mini solar panel gets for a few hundred quid.

they are great for learning the fundamentals of inverters, different currents and battery storage. You can use them to go camping or to power your washing machine, for example.

Build a Computer kit

Bring out the inner geek and learn a new skill with a computer building kit. You’ll also have a decent computer to play with.

Tech Advisor have a good post about building computer kits –

Hunting Weekend

not for everyone but hunting is arguably the most humane way to eat meat. Its also an excillirating hobby to take up.

Survival Training

if you want to survive the apocalypse, but don’t like shooting animals, then survival training involves everything most lads loved as kids – den building, foraging, bear fighting etc

Check out Beardy Men Adventures for survival and adventure holidays in the UK


Stereotypical present that’s still potentially a good one, Coombe Organic farm do boxes from 40 quid.

Joe Rogan Apparel

Probably around 20% of blokes in the UK listen to Joe Rogan, and 60% of impossible men do.
If this is the case, sort him out with some Joe Rogan apparel –

You can defo get some rip off versions cheaper on eBay or somewhere.

Talking of Joe Rogan, you could also get a premium Spotify Subscription

Inversion Table (anything for back pain!)

If the impossible man has a bad back – then something that helps the pain or function of the back would make a good present.

Inversion tables like Teeter have been made popular by the likes of Joe Rogan and Ben Greenfield. They are also great for recovery and lymph drainage. They may have some benefits for the brain too – but be careful if you have high blood pressure

Most men have a hobby or an interest that they’re into, football, walking, golf, cars, beer, food – if not he’s probably a boring bastard and you should probably find someone more interesting

Alternatively, consider buying:

  • A massage gun
  • A massage cushion or chair
  • A sports massage or massage voucher
  • Audible voucher
  • Arnie movie dvd collection pack
  • BB gun
  • Walking boots or wellies
  • Tickets to an MMA event
  • 1 2 1 sessions with an MMA or BJJ coach
  • A decent T-shirt or jumper

About Drew

MMA, Fitness & Marketing enthusiast from North Wales, UK. A Stoic Hippy with no hair. Not to boast but - 1st Class Degree in Sports Science from Loughborough, MSc in Nutrition from the University of Liverpool. 20 years experience of weight & fitness training.
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