Open Guard Passing

Open guard passing is a massive part of Sport Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

I can look a bit weird to the non-enthusiast.

The idea is to pass from standing/kneeling in front of your opponent, to a position ‘past’ their legs – side control, mount or scarf hold.

Here is a simple guard pass that works well


You can also grab both ankles and stick them over the guys head, if you can get hold of the ankles – this is one of the biggest battles – fighting for grips.  You can’t do much without your “2-points of control” when training in a gi.

Lots of people step forwards in between the guy’s legs, and step the other leg out to the side like a groin stretch and work for a ‘knee cutter’ pass.

Here are some variations of open guard passes


And here’s 2 handsome devils drilling some guard passes