Side Control

Side Mount or Side Control is a great position to be in, if you’re the guy on top!




Have a high-side-mount where possible, away from the opponent’s hips.

Warp your ‘top’ arm UNDER his head, and grab under his armpit.
Pill the arm pit in, and shove your shoulder in his face.

You can switch your hips to establish modified scarf hold, which is a right bugger to escape

Submissions from Mount

These include Kimura/Americana on the far arm

Arm Triangles

Darce Chokes

From modified scarf hold you can ‘step over’ the near arm and establish a crucifix position.

Escapes from Side Mount

Tips –
Keep your elbows to your side like a T-Rex
Try and establish a frame, one hand on his bicep, one on his neck.

The main aim is to bridge and re-establish guard position.

You usually need your opponent on top of your hips, rather than up on your shoulders.
Frame on his/her neck or head and try and shoulder walk yourself up if possible.

The WheelBarrow Escape
Bridge into him, and use his momentum as he pushes back to throw him over

Tip – if you push on the side of the head/ear, push the guy down to your hips, and he’ll be easier to roll over.
Pushing on the neck is safer, but manipulates the body less than pushing on the had does.

The Turkish Get Up Escape

If you have lost ‘your frame’ on the bicep – then clasp your hands together under his/her armpit and jerk/push the arm put up until you can place a hand on the armpit.

With one hand stiff-arming the armpit, base on your free hand, and sit up – pushing yourself out and away if required.