Chilli Muscle Rub / Capsicum / Capsaicin chilli for Tendonitis

It’s like Tiger Balm on roids.
It’s fairly hot when you apply it on dry skin, but as soon as you get your skin wet, even if that’s 11 hours later, your skin burns like hell fire!

Take a look at the 2 videos below for more info…

Hot chillis and capsaicin have all kinds of benefits for health – just don’t get it in your eye or privates.

Study 1

These findings suggest that the anti-inflammatory action of capsaicin may occur through a novel mechanism, not by a VR-1 receptor-mediated one. Both capsaicin and capsazepine may be a promising drug candidates for ameliorating inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Study 2

Capsaicin in both forms (CFE and CPF) produced anti-inflammatory effects that were comparable to diclofenac in the experimental rat model at p<0.05. It may be concluded that capsaicin has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

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