How to Use BPC 157 and TB500


BPC 157 is a chain of amino acids. I believe its found in gastric juice. Lovely.

It is used for any problems related to inflammation and can help repair tendons and ligaments. It’s popular in the mma and crossfit communities. It is often combined with another peptide called tb500.

Its touted by Ben Greenfield, Joe Rogan and Dr Mark Gordon as a highly effective supplement for treating and basically curing injuries, including chronic ones such as golfers elbow.

I bought my bpc 157 from uk peptides.

you can buy tablets of bpc 157 but they are much more expensive and I’ve not read many reviews about them.

In the UK, you can get bpc 157 from uk peptides

You’ll also need the mixing water and and some syringes from zedmed:

How to Use BPC 157 for Leaky Gut

I was really struggling with joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, and stomach issues such as belching.

I started to use collagen powder, glutamine and BPC 157.

I bought the vials and mixing water and mixed the powder, and just drink small amounts each day.

Thankfully I am now much better. I can’t isolate BPC 157 as the one thing that cured me however, but it’s worth a go if you are in state like I was.

I also cut out dairy and gluten and took a few natural anti-inflammatories including high EPA fish oil and tart cherry tablets.

How to Use BPC 157 for Injuries

According to Dr Mark Gordon, you should inject the BPC 157 close to the site of injury. Other people say to just use it sub-cutaneously.

If you have gut problems, you’re probably going to have mental health problems. This is due to inflammation and the vagus nerve.

How long Does it take for BPC 157 to Work?

Usually around 5 days but it depends on what injury is being treated and whether the bpc 157 is taken orally or injected. Normally, to treat an injury, youd expect to run a course for 6 to 12 weeks.

Golfers elbow for example, would normally be treated with a 6 to 12 week course.

Some relief may be felt within a few days however.

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