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Sport Science Overview for Football

I’ve made a quick video regarding sport science for football or soccer. It can be applied to most sports though, including MMA. Probably should have mentioned fitness testing in there Goal Setting in Football Goal setting – use outcome goals, … Continue reading

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Wellbeing and Business Podcast Episode 2

Second episode of this amazing podcast. Stress – stress is the inability to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and doesn’t necessarily relate to a mental feeling of stress. Stress of sorts can be caused by shallow breathing, poor posture or … Continue reading

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Wellbeing & Business – Podcast Episode 1

Best described as “Not the Joe Rogan Experience” – my new podcast covers wellbeing, fitness, nutrition and also a bit of digital marketing to finish. In the first episode I cover: Garlic – crush in 20 mins before you eat … Continue reading

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Power Clean Tutorial – Olympic Lifting & Crossfit Exercise

Beginner’s Guide to the Power Clean Maximize your full-body strength and power with a strength-training movement that’s highly functional. The power clean is an advanced Olympic powerlifting workout that utilizes the movement of many muscles and coordination skills. You should … Continue reading

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MMA – 6 Week Training Program (.pdf included)

6 week mma training program pdf – scroll to the bottom to download the pdf version of the program The hardest part about getting started – is well, getting started. I guess it’s a good idea to procrastinate a little … Continue reading

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Yoga for – Back & Neck Pain – 10 Mins a Day (.pdf)

A combination of yoga, stretching and trigger point therapy is best for bad backs and next. Avoid sitting for long periods if possible. The Paleo squat is a good alternative to sitting. The World’s Greatest Stretch is an excellent whole … Continue reading

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Home Chest Workout – No Equipment -10 Minutes (.pdf)

Training your chest at home is pretty easy to do. Beginners can do press ups from their knees, 2 or 3 sets of maximum repetitions, intermediate level would involve 3 sets of normal press ups. To make thing even harder … Continue reading

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Feel Good Happiness Hack – Lockdown Walk

Not sure what the rules are elsewhere, but in the UK we are allowed out once a day for exercise. Green/outdoor exercises has been shown in studies to improve feelings of wellbeing (study here) Saunas have been shown to improve … Continue reading

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Plyometrics MMA Workout

Power is one of the most important physical attributes a fighter can possess. It can be the difference between a knockout victory or a loss – how many times have you seen a fighter behind on the judges scorecards only … Continue reading

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Anxiety is Fuel*

“We experience moments absolutely free from worry. These brief respites are called panic.” Cullen Hightower Don’t fight anxiety – use it. Equally, don’t fight resentment – use it as fuel. Exercise is my way of coping with anxiety. I feel … Continue reading

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