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Tension Headache Cure

How to Cure a Tension Headache For informational purposes only – I am not a doctor Take a natural muscle relaxant – Magnesium Glycinate – Dose 400mg Take a natural anti-inflammatory – Rosehip Powder – 6g Place a warm towel/wheatbag/hot … Continue reading

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Supplements for Allergies

The bane of my life – allergies – terrible for focus (blocked sinuses) and for recovery from training sessions due to the amount of inflammation and general soreness they can cause. Symptoms of allergies include: Inflammation Joint Pain Muscle Pain … Continue reading

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Strong Supplement Shop Review

I have to say, I’ve ordered from Strong Supplement Shop 4 times and their customer service is bob on. I’ve ordered HydroxyElite by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals each time. BTW I don’t use this for fat loss or weight loss, I use it … Continue reading

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Best Supplements for Rugby

After watching some of the early Rugby World Cup games this year, we all know how a percentage increase or decrease in performance can make the difference between winning the World Cup, or crashing out at the first stage. Now, supplements are … Continue reading

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