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Joe Rogan – Psoas Device

Myofascial Release with Pso-Rite The psoas stretching device that Joe Rogan discusses on one of his JRE episodes, is the pso-rite Someone has also designed a DIY version to save a few $$£. You can see the design here. It … Continue reading

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Solgar Ashwagandha Review

Not too much to say about this product, other than it’s very good!   It’s a great adaptogen for dealing with stress and as well as a promoted of physical and mental energy. It’s also good for you, which is … Continue reading

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How to Increase Energy Levels

Not a morning person? Or an afternoon person? Hopefully these tips will help – 1. Breath Work – Deep & Powerful Breaths Don’t ask me how this works, it just does! Deep, powerful breaths, definitely give me more energy. Try … Continue reading

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What is Kundalini Yoga?

wow! Mind blown! I feel like I’ve isolated myself quite a bit from ‘mainstream’ people already – always talking about Buddhism, Stoicism, Ram Dass, DMT, frontal lobe Vs Limbic sytem etc. I think it’s fair nice to say that most … Continue reading

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Office Yoga *infographic*

Sick infographic about office yoga. Excel at office stretching whilst crunching data in your spreadsheets…     http://www.jfk-binding.co.uk/blog/office-yoga-infographic/

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Yoga Infographic

Nice little infographic from Furniture@Work The one thing that does my tree in about working in an office all day, is how stiff my glutes up to my neck are.  The stiff neck can give me pretty bad headaches. I’d … Continue reading

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