Front Kick Variations

The front kick with the front foot is much like a jab – not much power, but quick and a good counter against shorter fighters.

The front kick from the read leg has more power.

The Teep

Often seen in Muay Thai

Technique for the Teep
Raise your knee (generally as high as possible)
Extend your leg and lean back/thrust hips forwards at the same time


The Snap Front Kick

Gaining popularity in MMA since Anderson Silva KO’d Vitor Belfort with it a few years back.

Technique for the Snap Front Kick
Same as the teep but do not ‘load up’ the knee by raising it.


Dummy a round house kick by lifting your knee out to the side, then bring your knee out in front of you and extend into a normal front kick.


You can check the front kick to the body by raising your knee up

You can scoop it with your hand

You can lean back or stutter-step if your taller opponent uses it to keep range

The front kick to the face is difficult to stop , leaning back is the most obvious way to defend against this. Try using head movement as you walk forwards too.