Lion’s Mane Mushroom Review

I’m quite into ‘nootropics’ – as in, supplements that clear brain fog and make you think quicker and focus more easily.


I don’t like to take anything unnatural where possible – or at least I’m trying to cut back, I already take anti-histamines before bed and decongestants most days due to terrible sinusitis issues (which I’m trying to sort out via diet and my ‘microbiome’); so when it comes to nootropics, I want to stay away from all the racetams if possible and this time opted for Mushroom Wisdon – Lion’s Mane Mushroom – as there is so much research to support its use for the treatment of digestive complaints, as well as it’s ‘brain protective’ properties, such as the development of new brain cells, perhaps something to consider if you compete in a sport which involves head trauma?

There’s a lot of research and a lot of antidontal evidence too.
One forum member on reports:

In my own experience, anywhere from 2-5 grams per day, split into 2 doses, seems ideal. I have not experimented with higher doses due to cost. At this dose, I get acute effects, including:

– Improvement in vision (higher contrast between distinct objects, greater colour saturation, and enhanced depth perception).

– Improvement in short-term memory (excellent for information rich jobs or activities).

– Greater equanimity (more stable mood, mild anxiolysis)

– Reduced stomach distress (can reduce the unpleasant effects of acidosis or bad digestion) also reports that:

An analogue of the Hericenones, called 3-hydroxyhericenone, has been implicated in preserving neurons from death induced by endoplasmic reticulum stress.[6] This mechanism of action is also seen with various benzene compounds in Yamabushitake.[21]

It has also been shown, in vitro, to enhance myelination (production of myelin sheath) of neurons, which may be downstream of NGF.[22]

Review of Lion’s Mane Mushroom by Mushroom Wisdom

There is so much research behind this mushroom, everything from anti-cancer properties to the ability to generate new brain cells. See the studies here.

I’ve been taking 1.5g per day and do feel a lot more energetic and focused. I’ve only been taking it for 10 days, so I’m not 100% sure that it’s not a placebo effect but there is lots of antidotal evidence over on my favourite website, Reddit too:

If you are suffering with brain fog and/or general fatigue, it’s definitely worth a try. I’ve read that in some people it makes them tired, so they take the supplement before bed, others report some kind of visual enhancement, for example an increase in motion perception and an increase in colour ‘vibrancy’. There is quite a good forum discussion here.

Lion’s Man Mushroom Dosage

Most studies have used around 3g per day to elicit benefits it terms of the brain and cognitive enhancement. The dose is normally split so that 1g is taken thrice daily. I currently take 1.5g per day, I still feel pretty knackered (I’m the proud father to a teething baby), but I do have a ‘wide eyed’ feeling and a decent amount of alertness, although my body still aches like mad!


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