Best Free Standing Punch Bags for Adults – 6ft (Amazon)

Thought I’d do some research on 6ft Freestanding punch bags for adults and wack the results together into some tables.

All statistics correct at the time of writing.

It was surprisingly hard to find many standing punchbags on

These are the best punchbags for under £250 or $250 based on reviews:

The tables look a bit crap, you should be able to scroll right and left to see more columns —> – UK Free Standing Punch Bags —> (table scrolls)

Name Manufact. Height Material Weight Av Review  Num of Reviews Notes Price Link (NOT affiliate) 
RDX Free Standing Punch Bag with Gloves   RDX 6ft  Maya Hide Leather 
 4.5 108 Comes in 2 shipments- Fill the base with sand or water. Suction cups on base for extra stability £144.99  
Dripex Adult Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag  Dripex 5ft 9  2mm thickened PU leather striking surface 182lbs 4.5 3118 Base and bag shipped seperately.  £129.99 
Gallant 6ft Max Strike 360 Gallant 6ft Faux Leather  4.6 475 Suction cups on base. Numbered targets on bag £199.99 
Senshi Japan 6ft – Torso bag      4.4 53  £249.99 – currently on sale £199.99 at time of writing 
X sport pro freestanding punchbag  Xsport  5ft 9 PU  No reviews at time of writing    £119.99 on sale for 99.99 at time of writing g  
Xn8 6ft Free Standing Punch Bag  Xn8 6ft Lamina hide leather  4.4 116  £159.99 – USA Punch Bags

Name Manufacturer Height Material Weight Notes Av Review Num of Reviews Price Link 
Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag  
Century 5ft 8 vinyl 10kg – approx 250lbs when filled  4.6 3672 Ranges from $179.99 to $229.94 
Tech Tools Freestanding Punch Bag Tech Tools 5ft 3 PU   4.3 4019 $149.95 
Newtend Reflex standing boxing ball Newtend 5ft 1 PU   4.7 19 $99.99 

Century WaveMaster Standing Punch Bag

Dripex Punch Bag Video

Gallant 6ft Standing Punchbag

Gallant 6ft max strike 360 punch bag

Xn8 Free standing Punch Bag

The tables aren’t too clear above, so you can download them as a pdf here:

Best Standing Punch bags

Here are the punchbag tables as images

My friend actually bought the 5ft 9, Dripex punch bag. Its plenty tall enough for me, I’m 5ft 10. I guess, when you’re punching a 6ft opponent, their chin is probably only about 5ft 6 from the ground.

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