How to do Resistance Band Squats (looped bands and handled bands)

Resistance bands are extremely popular these days. They’re great for home workouts, easy to store, pretty safe and kinder on the joints than heavy weights.

Resistance Band Squats – Bands with handles

Anyway, if you want to get yolked you’ll probably want to do squats.

when using bands with handles:

  • – Grab the handles
  • – Rotate your hands so palms face away
  • – Curl the handles up to your shoulders
  • -Stand on the middle of the band
  • -look forwards and squat down
  • – Pause for a second at the bottom of the squat
  • -Keeping feet flat on the floor drive with glutes and squat back up

Looped Resistance Band squats

Stand on the band

Loop band over your head and rest it on your shoulders

Squat up and down as above

When squatting by mindful of keeping your back flat and make sure your knees don’t collapse inwards (this is called the valgus fault and can wreck your knees).

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