Firas Zahabi Massage Machine – See Joe Rogan’s Review

Joe Rogan Massage Machine for MMA

Joe Rogan massage

The Firas Zahabi Massage Tool, which was seen on Joe Rogan’s recent podcast, is pretty amazing and a great alternative to hours of foam rolling. Similar to the Theragun, it is significantly less expensive and specifically designed for MMA.

The machine is a ‘percussion massager’ which means that it elicits pulses of pressure to whichever muscle(s) you place it on. It is used to breakdown knots in muscles, it can also help to increase blood flow to injured or inflamed areas of the body.

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A fantastic machine for deep tissue massage, every MMA fighter should consider buying one in order to optimize recovery from hard sparring and training sessions. It was developed by Tri-star MMA coach Firas Zahabi, with some help from MMA legend GSP.

For wrestlers and MMA fighters it’s interesting to note that the machine can be used on the neck, (but the spine and head must be avoided in order to prevent serious injury) which is often an area of extreme pain & tightness for grapplers.

For tight muscles in the neck and hips, it is often difficult to achieve targeted relief with manual sports-therapy tools including foam rollers. The Tim Tam Power Massager can not only isolate and accurately target those, small but painful areas, it can ‘release’ the muscle without hours of stretching & rolling.

The piriformis and the psoas muscles for example, can become extremely sore and painful – but difficult to treat and ‘get-at’ with a foam roller. There’s no such problem with the power massage machine, especially with one of the specific attachments for small & deep muscles.

You can also get a range of extensions for the Tim Tam massager. These include balls and pointed metal tips – great for targeting those deep muscles around your hips and glutes.

Tim tam extension

Tim Tam Massage Extensions

The larger extensions/heads such as the ball, are better for relaxing bigger muscles like the quads. If you have a back, or quad that keeps going into spasm, then it’s possible that the Tim Tam can help.

Joe Rogan’s Opinion of the Tim Tam Power Massager

Skip to 3.03 to hear how impressed he is with the machine.

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It’s a deep massage machine that has additional ‘reach’ and percussion. Massage (or foam rolling/trigger point) and stretching is essential when looking to ‘maintain’ the body as a combat athlete. The Power Massager makes things easier by providing a highly efficient way to work out knots and trigger points in the body.

Please note that I do not have a Tim Tam machine as I’m broke! I would love one however and will write an in-depth review if Santa Claus happens to bring me one.
I’ve written this article based on comments from the likes of Joe Rogan plus the product specification.

Reddit review – timtam: The Best Handheld Back Massager?

Update – The Tim Tam Power Massager is gaining some great reviews on

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Enhance MMA Recovery

Combine the Tim Tam massager with saunas, stretching/yoga and you’ve got the ultimate body-maintenance regime for MMA & BJJ!

  • Reduce Inflammation

I’d also highly recommend getting a lot of natural anti-inflammatories in your diet such as turmeric (with black pepper), tart cherry juice & rosehip. Meriva curcumin is an excellent supplement extracted from turmeric too – although significantly more expensive than standard turmeric.

If you have allergies, or leaky gut, then you could also look at remedying these issues to prevent aches and pains.

  • Treat Any Gut Issues

Having a damaged mucousal lining in the gut, and/or IBS and any gut microbiome issues can cause a huge amount of inflammation.

A 2 day Fasting-protocol is a proven way to help heal a ‘leaky gut’. You can also considering consuming bone-broth at the end of the second day. Leaky gut or increased-gut-permeability is often a cause of allergies. Baking soda can also help allergy related aches & pains in my experience.

  • Reduce Muscle Spasms & Increase Relaxation

To relax muscles that are tight or even in spasm, infrared saunas are great. Supplementing magnesium or even kava kava can help to relax tight muscles too.

Obviously massage machines like the TimTam help to relax tight muscles too.

Tim Tam Massager – Final Thoughts


  • Can reach small tight muscles in the hip
  • Great for sore calf muscles (from personal experience)
  • Provides instant relief in some instances*
  • Portable
  • Quick treatment compared to foam rolling


  • Noisy
  • Price – cheaper than massages on a regular basis but still a few hundred dollars

*I have had an issue with my knee on and off for 15 years. Turns out it comes from a tight calf – the massager gets rid of the tightness in my calf, and stops my knee from hurting/aching throughout the rest of the day.

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If you are training hard and suffering with back, neck and especially hip pain, then the firas zahabi muscle machine / gun is a very fast way to get relief. I use it on my hips and calves first thing in the morning everyday before going to work.

For more information on reducing inflammation, muscle tension & increasing/speeding up recovery – see our MMA Recovery article here.

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