Single Leg Takedowns

Snatch Single Leg

Drop you level, step forward (if you’re both in orthodox stance) and grab his leg:


Some coaches teach you to have your head on the outside (as above), whilst others will say you must have it on the inside, for extra leverage.

Keep your grip of the leg as tight as possible, and pin the leg to your chest.

Have no gaps between the leg and your chest, and your elbows must be tucked on, otherwise your opponent will defend with over and underhooks on your arm(s).

Shooting for a Single Leg
You can step to the outside of the opponent’s lead leg:

Or you can shoot a normal double leg and attach the lead leg instead of both legs.

You can establish a single leg takedown position from the over/under clinch by sidestepping towards the leg furthest from your underhook
i.e. if you have a right underhook, sidestep to the left, reach for the guy’s right leg with your left hand
Then shotput with your underhook

Finishing the Single Leg

Run the Pipe

Run the pipe into High Crotch

Daniel Cormier Slamon Josh Barnett


Defending The Single Leg

Push the guy’s head down and away
Establish underhooks
Put all your weight through your captured leg and drive it back like you’re starting a motor bike

Establish an overhook, push the head, and take your leg out to the outside of his

You can step in between your opponent’s legs and backward roll (or similar). Watch your training partner’s neck. This is banned in BJJ as people could grab over the back and lock onto the belt and roll back onto the opponent’s head

If the guys head is on the outside, you can look for a choke, or you can try and reach and grab inside his far leg with your hands.