Kava Kava Tea for Anxiety

As someone who has an interest in herbs, and nutrition in general, and is also one of those left-wing anti pharmaceutical types, I was very interested to read about Kava Kava AKA Piper methysticum.

There are shed loads of studies showing that it significantly reduces anxiety; and depression.  Safety concerns appear limited to liver toxicity if ingested daily for several years.

In fact, there are a few articles, stating that the reason that people from South Pacific Islands are so happy and welcoming, is due to their habitual consumption of Kava Kava. Amazing.  Wrexham could do with a few bars serving this stuff.

Kava is no longer sold in the UK, due to concerns over liver toxicity. Which is fair enough I guess.  I’ve not bought it myself, but I’m told by a reliable friend it can still be ordered from the USA from sites such as https://www.herbalfire.com

I’m not supporting it’s use, I’m just saying it’s certainly a very interesting herb. As someone who hates alcohol, and has seen alcohol ruin lives, I wish there were other freely available ways to unwind, besides having 5 pints, and gambling half your wages.  Such as popping down to a coffee bar or a mate’s house after work, and having a kava tea.

Just be careful if you use Kava Kava. Many people say that the root is not hepatoxic at all, it’s only cheaper products from other parts of the plant that can damage the liver.  Either way, from what I’ve read, you should be fine unless you go mental and have shed-loads, everyday for several years.

There’s some good information here on Kava. According to this forum, the average dosage of root-powder (NOT that active ingredient powder, which is in capsules of 100mg normally) is around 40g.  My friend says he has 3g per drink though, and it’s effective


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2 Responses to Kava Kava Tea for Anxiety

  1. I just got into kava and find that it helps tremendously with my anxiety, Any negative side effects to be aware of?

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