MMA Techniques 2020

Here is a list of techniques to expect and to look out for in 2018, based on worked well in 2017

The Calf Roundhouse Kick

Introduced to the mainstream by Benson Henderson, the calf roundhouse kick has made a devastating entrance into the UFC in 2017.

Less risky than higher thigh, body or head kicks, the calf roundhouse may well become a go-to technique for fighters in 2018.

Foot Sweeps

Another low risk technique, foot sweeps are amazing takedowns with or without a clinch.

Ankle Picks & Low Single Legs

A great takedown which has so far been under-utilised in the UFC is the ankle pick.

Check out Yoel Romero’s takedowns:

and Randy Couture’s low single takedown against James Toney:

Standing Elbows

Mark Hunt demonstrated how devastating these can be in his first fight against Big Foot Silva. Jon Jones also used them amazingly well to counter the boxing of Glover Teixeira


urgh, those elbows make me feel ill just looking at them….what you don’t see after a KO is the guy on the receiving end throwing up in the hospital and feeling like shite for weeks afterward!  A discussion for another time…

Peace out for 2018 and remember don’t hit people unless they say it’s okay…




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