Yoga Poses – Marichyasana or Sage Pose

This is a pose dedicated to and named after the sage – Marichi I

It’s a good idea to warm up with easier poses before attempting this one. Using a stick pose and/or Janu Sirsasana

It is said to put some level of stress on digestion. The lower back, shoulder and neck are also stressed/stretched a lot. So be careful.


Yoga-Pose Modifications

This pose is pretty difficult, to make it slightly easier, keep some space between your foot and your bum and move your foot to the outside slightly.


You can place a cushion under your bum to avoid compression on the lower back.

Yoga Pose Instructions

First ‘open the shoulder’:

Reach directly forward with the same arm and then internally rotate it.

Then begin to reach back

Open the opposite shoulder, internally rotate and reach back also

Marichyasana  pose

Use a belt if you can’t reach and clasp hands together.

If you don’t have a belt, you can modify the pose by ‘leaving out’ the knee/thigh:

yoga pose  modification

Can use a chair in front of the student/yourself to place forehead on to relief neck pressure.

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