Band exercises for Boxing

Resistance bands are pretty good for boxers, they provide constant variable elastic tension from all possible angles.

Unlike weights which provide “gravitational resistance” in a downward, vertical plane, bands can provide elastic resistance, that increases the more the band is stretch – providing the ideal ‘strength curve’ or power curve for throwing a punch – you generally want to stay relaxed and tense up near the point of impact.

Band Pulls

Band pulls, seem counterintuitive as they don’t resist the punch – instead you’re training your core and CNS to drive with your opposite hip first, to load up the power for a punch.

You can also train for speed pulling on a band. Use a band with handles, or cut a looped band, so that you can hold it separately in each hand.

Secure the band to a pole or door using a door anchor and throw straight punches as quickly as possible – the bands will pull your hands forwards and make your punches quicker. Just be careful not to hyper-extend your elbows.

Resistance Band Punches

Resistance bands, anchor correctly on a post or door, can be used to add resistance to straight and hook-style punches.

Bands provide increasing resistance – they get more taught and provide more elastic resistance the further they are extended. This helps boxers to stay relaxed and apply maximum force at the end of the punch. Remember to use a band that provides some resistance, but not too much that it interferes with the mechanics and technique of throwing a punch.

Resistance Band Thrusters

Thrusters, using a single arm or both arms, are great for develop power and acceleration. The idea is that you do the exercise at speed, to develop power. I’d suggest that the guy demonstrating thrusters in the below video should use a slightly lighter or thinner band:

Smaller resistance bands can be placed around the ankles or thighs to practice footwork – keeping the band taught at all times can teach a boxer to keep a wide and balanced stance.

Bands are also great for boxing prehab and rehab exercises. For example, they can be used to perform rotator cuff exercises to help build shoulder stability. They can also be used to assist with stretching of the hip flexors.

Resistance Bands for Hand Speed

Be careful not to hyperextend your elbows

You can create lots of fun resitance band drills for hand speed by allowing the band to pull your fist/arm forwards at high speed.

Anchor the resistance band, preferably at shoulder height and throw punches whilst holding onto the band.

You can split a looped band (cut the loop), and hold a band in both hands and practice throwing super-quick jabs and crosses. Try 30 seconds of punching, with 20 seconds rest in between sets for a total of 3 sets.

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