Full Body Dumbbell Workout Routine at Home (.pdf)[2022]

If you are looking to exercise and build muscle at home then some high-quality dumbbells are a great investment. Whether you select to purchase multiple fixed-weight dumbbells or an adjustable set, this workout routine will help you to develop muscle.

Exercise at your own risk

Where rep ranges are hyphenated – this denotes a rep range. For example, for dumbbell floor press, you want to complete 10 to 15 reps with perfect technique. Stop the exercise when your technique/form begins to falter.

Day 1

Dumbell chest floor press10-153
Dumbell chest flys (from the floor)102
Lying tricep extensions6-122
Skull crushers6-122
Seated dumbbell tricep extensions10-152
CrunchesMax (with good form)2
Dorsal raisesMax2
Dumbbell wood chops8 a side3

Day 3

Dumbell one-arm row8-12 per side3
Dumbell rear delt flys6-122
Single leg Glute Bridges8-122
Lat pullovers10-152
Renegade Row10 per side2
Dumbbell bicep curls6-10 per arm2
Plank hold1 minute
Tib Raises102
Lunges20 (total)2
Floor Leg RaisesMax3

Day 5

Dumbell squats8-153
Dumbbell jumps63
Dumbbell seated shoulder press6-123
Dumbbell shrugs122
Dumbbell lateral raises8-152
Nordic curls (assisted to begin)102
Single-leg hip raises10 a side2
Single leg calf raises10-20 per leg2

If you have limited space, and/or budget, adding a resistance band can add some great variety to your training. You want a thin band, without handles if you wish to combine it/them with a dumbbell.

In addition, a relatively light kettlebell can be used to perform a huge variety of exercises and can be easy to combine with a resistance band for variable resistance. You’ll need to create an anchor point to attach the resistance band too, or just stand on it/them.

Some of the exercises in the routine above are demonstrated in these videos:

Floor Dumbbell Chest Press

Floor Chest Fly

Lying Tricep Extensions

Dumbbell Lat Pullovers

Download the pdf workout programme here:

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