Beginners’ Resistance Band Chest Exercises (pdf) [2023]

Please give Fit Gent a follow on YouTube here and James Grage here

Below is his great video, outlining how to perform chest exercises with a resistance band

Band Cross Body Upper Chest Fly

cross body fly with band with handles

Resistance Band Chest Press

resistance band lying press

Resistance Band Upper Chest Press

standing band press incline

Resistance Band Press Up

resistance band push up

Alternating Resistance Band Press

resistance band alt press

If you have an anchor point, you can also add some single arm presses:

Incline Single Arm Band Press

Decline Band Press

band press

Resistance Band Chest Workout Program

Band Upper Chest Press122
Band Decline Press8-122
Band single Arm Press12-152per arm
Resistance Band Press UpsMax3
Band Cross Body Upper Chest Fly121 per arm

Download the program as a pdf here:

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