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Alternative Cancer Treatments that Work

Most doctors, government recommendations and mainstream-media publications tend to be a decade behind the actual research…bit of a sweeping statement but in my experience it’s true. It’s the same with cancer treatment, unfortunately. Here are some treatments backed by science … Continue reading

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Goals for the rest of 2017

Training Goals Outcome Goals Shoulder Mobility – To be able to grip my hands behind my back By January 1st Do 10 Turkish Get Ups with 8kg weight by January 1st MMA – Have an effective standing & guard guillotine … Continue reading

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What is Kundalini Yoga?

wow! Mind blown! I feel like I’ve isolated myself quite a bit from ‘mainstream’ people already – always talking about Buddhism, Stoicism, Ram Dass, DMT, frontal lobe Vs Limbic sytem etc. I think it’s fair nice to say that most … Continue reading

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Infographic – Beginner’s Guide to Photography

I was learning about photography and got a bit carried away and made an infographic:   So if you’re looking to do photography for an MMA or martial arts event you will probably want A fast shutter speed to freeze … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I must admit that I have been a little cynical of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in recent years but realise that Iā€™ve been a bit of a bellend ā€“ projecting my own insecurities onto it. For example, blaming the cost … Continue reading

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Joe Rogan Experience with Alex Jones

Eddie Bravo was on this podcast too:   Alex Jones is a commentator on politics and is regarded as a conspiracy theorist. He has a growing following after some of his theories have turned out to be true. He is … Continue reading

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Psilocybin for Depression & Anxiety

Psychedelics & Mental Health Psilocybin is found in ‘magic mushrooms’ Disclaimer – eating the wrong mushrooms can kill you! Research from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine demonstrated that people showed a long term positive increase in mood after a controlled … Continue reading

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Journaling Gratitude for Wellbeing & Mental Health

Wee video I made: Ā  Gratitude Choose 3 things that you’re grateful for each day, and express why and how happy it makes you feel. For example: “It is awesome that I don’t have to pay for parking at work, … Continue reading

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How to Live in the Moment: 6 Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness

  It seems in the past few years, everyone is touting the benefits of mindfulness. But what is mindfulness exactly, and how can you benefit from being more mindful in your daily life? Mindfulness is the practice of intentional focus … Continue reading

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Does MMA actually “Dissolve the ego”

No, not really, well yes sometimes…   No, MMA Doesn’t Dissolve the ego because… You never really see a humble jits guy, sharing a meme or video about how great wrestling or striking is, do you? Jiu Jitsu is part … Continue reading

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