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Training Goals for Summer 2018

I basically want to become an enlightened, humble MMA meathead. Training Goals: Outcome Goals Fix Back & Neck (make them less, painfully stiff) Fix Golfer’s Elbow – so it’s not constantly painful Improve Left Hip mobility so I can do … Continue reading

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Vitamin D Side Effects

Thanks to Dr Rhonda Patrick, Vitamin D (in large doses) is now a common supplement in BJJ and MMA circles. Vitamin D Benefits Vitamin D does have many benefits, particularly if you don’t get daily sun exposure. I put vitamin … Continue reading

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Le régime de boxeur et le plan de régime de boxeur

For the English Version of the Boxer’s Diet & Diet Plan post, please Click Here e les jours (dans une certaine mesure) où la nutrition sportive était tout au sujet de la nutrition pré-entraînement et post-entraînement … pour la récupération … Continue reading

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NUTRiBULLET Blender Review 600 Series (2018 Version)

  I am very happy with this blender. I previously had one from Breville, which to be fair was a lot cheaper, but couldn’t blend an avocado to save it’s life. Well it could, but it took about a minute … Continue reading

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MMA Techniques 2018

Here is a list of techniques to expect and to look out for in 2018, based on worked well in 2017 The Calf Roundhouse Kick Introduced to the mainstream by Benson Henderson, the calf roundhouse kick has made a devastating entrance … Continue reading

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Supplements for Allergies

The bane of my life – allergies – terrible for focus (blocked sinuses) and for recovery from training sessions due to the amount of inflammation and general soreness they can cause. Symptoms of allergies include: Inflammation Joint Pain Muscle Pain … Continue reading

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Michael Bisping’s Career

Say what you like about Michael Bisping, but he has heart, bravery and fitness like nobody else the middleweight division has seen.     He’s been a top 5 middleweight for years and has fought in the UFC for over … Continue reading

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