Raw Vegan Diet Plan

More and more popular with MMA fighters and athletes in general. Raw vegan diets are nutritionally dense and delicious if done correctly. Hemp seeds and quinoa are great sources of essential amino acids and protein.  
  overnight oats raw vegan

7am – Raw Overnight Oats

Rolled oats Chia Seeds Pumpkin seeds Goji Berries Ground Almonds Water

11am – Snack

Banana Handful of nuts  

1pm – Salad

Avocado Spinach Kale Lettuce Olives

5.30pm – Raw Zucchini Pasta

3 Zucchinis 1 Red Pepper Spinach & Kale Black Pepper Hemp Seed Sauce :

7.30pm – Smoothie

Banana Frozen Strawberries Kale Spinach Quinoa Hemp Seeds Coconut Milk vegan    
Raw Vegan Protein Powder or a Smoothie would be ideal after and possibly before a training session. Diluted fruit juice with a pinch of pink salt makes a good sports drink for during training.