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Best Punching Bag Gloves for Beginners [2022]

Whether you are training for a fight, or you just want to get in fighting shape, a high-quality pair of punch bag gloves are a must to keep your hands and knuckles protected. I’d recommend using a pair of 14oz … Continue reading

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Is MMA Dangerous? (MMA FAQs Answered)

Article by Drew Griffiths (BSc, MSc) Like all contact sports, MMA comes with a relatively high risk of injury. It’s unlikely that you’ll compete in MMA for a year for example, without sustaining some type of injury in training or … Continue reading

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6 Weeks Boxing Training .pdf [2023]

6 weeks isn’t enough time to get to an elite level but let’s say you’ve signed up for a charity white collar boxing match and need to get as good as possible in 6 weeks, then you’ll need a plan … Continue reading

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Land Mine Attachments – Buyers Guide [2022]

Land mines – the ones you find in the gym – are a highly versatile bit of equipment. Once they’ve had a barbell attached to them anyway. You can do all types of exercises with them including kneeling bicep curls, … Continue reading

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Cheap Home Gym Equipment (worth it?)

Moat of the cheap home gym equipment is, well, sh!te. multigyms for example, tend to be complete tat unless they cost a few grand. The best cheap home equipment for bodybuilding and fitness would have to be: long looped Resistance … Continue reading

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Sauna Suit Benefits

Hi! so sauna suits are great, but I wouldn’t use them for long term weight loss – you are dehydrating yourself not losing bodyfat. In fact, if you want to increase your metabolism, you’re probably better off getting really cold … Continue reading

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Resistance Band Deadlifts – How to Do Deadlifts with a Band

Deadlifts are a key compound exercise for developing strength in the glutes, lower back, legs and to a certain degree the upper back and traps. Resistance bands are great for beginners because they’re so easy to use, but also an … Continue reading

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Band exercises for Boxing

Resistance bands are pretty good for boxers, they provide constant variable elastic tension from all possible angles. Unlike weights which provide “gravitational resistance” in a downward, vertical plane, bands can provide elastic resistance, that increases the more the band is … Continue reading

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Boxing Tips for Beginners (from home)

made a video about with some pointers when drilling and practising shadow boxing at home, during covid. Throw Boxing-Feints Don’t pass out, instead twitch your shoulders as if you’re about to throw a punch. Practice shadow boxing, and ‘pretending’ to … Continue reading

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Best Free Standing Punch Bags for Adults – 6ft (Amazon)

Thought I’d do some research on 6ft Freestanding punch bags for adults and wack the results together into some tables. All statistics correct at the time of writing. It was surprisingly hard to find many standing punchbags on Amazon.com These … Continue reading

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