Best Carl Jung Quotes

Carl Jung was an early advocate of analytical psychology and like Freud is well known for his work relating to theories of personality & the human subconscious.

Whilst Freud’s work, was still rooted in 19th century theories regarding suppressed desires, Jung generally believed that a deeper analysis was required of the subconscious mind (particularly dreams) in order to garner a full understanding of how personality & behaviour was manifested.

It was this analytical approach, that brought revolutionary innovation into so many scientific fields, particularly contemporary physics and psychology.

For Jung, the ultimate goal of each individual is to reach a state of self-awareness and then self-realisation, hopefully moving on to a pursuit of self-improvement.


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What you criticise in others, represents your own insecurities.



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This quote reminds me of the Stoic outlook of controlling your emotions independent of external events. If you lose a fight, you can choose to react positively, learn and move on, or you can dwell on it and/or make shit excuses that won’t help.

Similar to CBT in that it’s not what happens to you, it’s your thoughts about the event that frame your emotions and response.


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Again, this quote reminded me of Stoic philosophy.

The Greek Gods were, according to some, not tangible Gods as such, but forms of energy. In worshipping the goddess of Misery, Anxiety, Grief, and Depression – Oizys, the ancient Greeks were essentially examining their own emotions, and making sense of them.

Pushing away, or ignoring these emotions, would mean that we could not learn from them. Perhaps the concept of worshipping a goddess, would allow someone to look at themselves with the filter of their own ego.

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