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Supplements for Depression (That Work)

A few thoughts on depression before I start on the supplements… Depression is often a symptom of a physical illness or issue. Gut problems, chronic inflammation (often starting in the gut), allergies, brain injuries, thyroid issues – these are all … Continue reading

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Best Carl Jung Quotes

Carl Jung was an early advocate of analytical psychology and like Freud is well known for his work relating to theories of personality & the human subconscious. Whilst Freud’s work, was still rooted in 19th century theories regarding suppressed desires, … Continue reading

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We Are All One (Why Nobody Really Dies)

  It was World Mental Health Day yesterday. I’m not a huge fan of ‘awareness’ days, I think they bring problems but not solutions. I think depression is a problem that has a number of causes… Lack of exercise Poor … Continue reading

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Dr Rhonda Patrick – Vitamin D

Sourced from: FoundMyFitness Vitamin D Infographic. Low levels of vitamin D are associated with stress and illness. Although correlation does not necessarily equal causation (i.e. low levels of Vitamin D in stressed people, doesn’t mean it’s the vitamin D that’s … Continue reading

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NSI 189 Review (Suprising ‘Side Effect’)

NSI-189 Review – Updated 2019   NSI-189 is a nootropic drug & potential anti-depressant that is still in the clinical-experimental stages of research. It has been shown in studies to alleviate major depressive symptoms and to increase the size of … Continue reading

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Experience with Psilocybin Mushrooms

Blog Post for Entertainment Purposes Only So I’ve had a range of amazing mental health issues since I can remember, mainly depression & anxiety related. I was a proper angry kid, weirdly MMA got me into yoga, which in turn … Continue reading

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How to Grow New Brain Cells (6 Potent Hacks) 🤓

MMA is a new sport, established in the 90s (although Vale Tudo & NHB fighting has been around a lot longer). It’s still a bit of an unknown, in terms of the long term health implications. With ex-fighters in their … Continue reading

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Why is nobody talking about Post-Graduate Depression?

I’m a big fan of Stoic philosophy,  so I’m not complaining as such, when I say that money is the main motivation and driving force behind a given university’s programme of degrees on offer. It’s just something you’ve got to … Continue reading

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The Magnesium Miracle

Magnesium is pretty awesome stuff. I’ve tried all sorts from citrate, oxi-something and glycinate.  To summarise it’s great for: Enhancing recovery Reducing pain & soreness Reducing muscle tension Reducing anxiety naturally Increasing focus (in some forms) Reducing high blood pressure … Continue reading

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Tension Headache Cure

How to Cure a Tension Headache For informational purposes only – I am not a doctor Take a natural muscle relaxant – Magnesium Glycinate – Dose 400mg Take a natural anti-inflammatory – Rosehip Powder – 6g Place a warm towel/wheatbag/hot … Continue reading

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