Dad Bod Home Workout

I’ve noticed that people don’t listen etc unless you’re ripped/lean etc. so anyway – I popped my topless cherry with this 5 minute workout:

Dad Bod Back, Traps & Biceps Workout

Location is variable but for effect I’ve chosen the nursery


Couple of things to note –

If you can’t do a chin up, try putting a chair in front or behind you, to rest your feet on (at your own risk) or jump up and lower yourself down – do negative/eccentric chins or pull ups instead.

Be VERY careful with kettlebell exercises which hammer your lower back. Start off with a squat and press rather than a clean.

The Dad Bad Workout

  • Warm up with 30 squats and 10 Burpees
  • 2 sets of Bodyweight Chin Ups (max reps)
  • 2 sets of kettlebell cleans – 8 reps on each side. Then repeat
  • 2 sets of resistance band curls



Building muscle is all about intensity – i.e. training with perfect form but to failure (until you can’t do anymore) on both sets.

For more advanced dad-bods, do some negative reps at the end.

For chin ups for example, jump up, then lower yourself down:

Sidenote – I never had much shape/definition until I dropped my carbs right down. I normally have 1 carb meal per day – about 1 hour before training.


Dad Bod Home Chest & Shoulder Workout

Warm up –
resistance bands – lat raises x 10, front raises x 10, military press x 10. (no bands? – do 20 squats, 10 press ups)

– Maximum press ups x 2 sets
– Do Hindu Press Ups if press ups too easy
– Clap press ups x 2 sets of 6 reps
– Band Military Press x 1 set x max reps
– Seated Band Shoulder Press x 1 set x max reps

If you are short on time, you can literally do a decent workout in 5-10 minutes.

Just make sure to get physically warm first with some bodyweight exercises before doing any ‘explosive’ movements like kettlebells swings, cleans etc.

Remember that doing something is infinitely better than doing nothing and there is research suggesting that 1 set to failure is all that’s required for muscle growth:

Strength and Body Composition Changes in Recreationally Strength-Trained Individuals: Comparison of One versus Three Sets Resistance-Training Programmes

Conclusions. One set of high intensity resistance training was as effective as three sets for increasing the strength of muscle groups in the upper body. The one set protocol also produced significantly greater decreases in adiposity.

Study Link

What is a Dad Bod?

There’s lots of people searching for this question on Google…

A Dad Bod is like the meaning of life – it’s whatever you want it to be!

I only have 1 kid so it’s easier for me than others but please don’t give up on your health and wellbeing because your busy & stressed. Try and do a total of 15 minutes of exercise per week.

Getting started is the hardest part, give it a month and once the habit is formed, it’s easy…






For online Personal Training – please see my ID Fitness Webpage

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