Dr Rhonda Patrick – Vitamin D

Sourced from: FoundMyFitness Vitamin D Infographic.

Low levels of vitamin D are associated with stress and illness.

Although correlation does not necessarily equal causation (i.e. low levels of Vitamin D in stressed people, doesn’t mean it’s the vitamin D that’s the problem), it is associated with a range of mental health problems including depression when its levels are low.

Exposure to the sun is the most efficient way to increase vitamin D levels – around 15 minutes in the mid-day is enough – whilst those of us who work in offices should consider supplementation. Older people and those with more bodyfat, produce less vitamin D when exposed to the sun also.

1,000iu is generally considered a safe dosage, although some nutritionists recommend up to 4,000iu

Vitamin D is best taken with vitamin K2 which is found in fermented foods such as sauerkraut.

Those training intensely should look to maintain high levels of vitamin D to prevent burnout, over-training and illness – as vitamin D is an important vitamin for a ‘fully functioning’ immune system.

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