Cheap Home Gym Equipment (worth it?)

Moat of the cheap home gym equipment is, well, sh!te.

multigyms for example, tend to be complete tat unless they cost a few grand.

The best cheap home equipment for bodybuilding and fitness would have to be:

  • long looped Resistance bands
  • Doorframe pull up bar
  • Kettltebells

The great thing with pull up bars and bands, is you can combine the two to make pull ups easier or even harder.

You can anchor the band to a kettlebell on the floor for example and tie it to your belt or around your waist to make pull ups harder.

You can also use a (light/thin) long looped resistance band to add resistance to kettlebell exercises. Kettlebell swings can be made more difficult if you attach and band (and stand on the other end). I can’t really afford a 48kg kettlebell at the moment, so I’m attaching a band to my 40kg kettlebell whilst doing one arm rows and chest presses from the floor.

Stability balls or “yoga balls” are decent for hamstring curls/roll outs, planks and a few other core exercises too.

For a home cardio machine, I’d say you need to spend at least 500 quid for a decent:

  • Air bike
  • Ski machine
  • Rower

Good treadmills tend to cost a bit more.

Don’t forget bodyweight exercises!

Bodyweight exercises are great for home workouts too.

Kneeling press ups, press ups, Hindu press Ups, single arm press ups, chin ups, squats, single leg pistol squats, lunges, reverse lunges, bupees- its easy yo put together a workout for any fitness level when you know how. Just search on YouTube for a bodyweight work for beginners or advanced.

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MMA, Fitness & Marketing enthusiast from North Wales, UK. A Stoic Hippy with no hair. Not to boast but - 1st Class Degree in Sports Science from Loughborough, MSc in Nutrition from the University of Liverpool. 20 years experience of weight & fitness training.
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