New to MMA, martial arts, boxing, wrestling or BJJ?
Take a look at our comprehensive list of fundamental techniques that cover striking – from boxing and Thai boxing, stand-up grappling techniques & takedowns from wrestling and judo and BJJ/submission grappling.

Striking & Boxing Techniques

How to Jab in Boxing
How to Counter & Defend a Jab in boxing

How to Double Jab in Boxing & MMA

How to do a Cross Punch in Boxing

How to do a Hook Punch in Boxing


Boxing Combinations

How to do a RoundHouse Kick

RoundHouse Kick Defense (please scroll down to the bottom of the page linked to)

How to do a Teep/Front Kick

Teep/Front Kick Counter


How to do a Thai Clinch
How to defend Thai Clinch Defense

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If you’re a beginner to the sweet science of boxing then check out boxing tips and boxing combinations.

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