Tips for scrambling for positions

  1. If you have been sweeped try and land in a bridged position and drive straight back towards your opponent.
  2. If you’re in danger of your back being taken, pop up so your bum is in the air (down-dog position) and turn into your opponent
  3. FRAME.  For example, if your opponent is close to passing your guard, push his head away and move your body away. I like to frame with my forearm against the opponent’s head.

Framing is crucial for guard retention. Grips are very important, especially in a gi though, you must not let your opponent gain control of your wrists.

Straight Arm Framing in BJJ – keeps distance


Use a Bent Arm Frame when you need to make more Distance


For example with your hand on the bicep:


Although you can use a straight arm from short distance if you realign yourself somewhat:

(screenshot from youtube video above)

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 21.55.29.png

I often find myself framing with my forearm on someone’s face as I’ve let them gain far too much ‘distance’.