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Welcome to my Fitness Blog & MMA Blog. It’s basically a mash-up of all things I’m interested in.

I am a former MMA fighter and kickboxer. I have a first class Degree in Sport Science from Loughborough University and a Master’s degree in Exercise & Nutrition. I also run my own Reddit MMA forum/subreddit.

Please visit my blog for the latest in Fitness articles, MMA, diet plans, Jiu Jitsu and more. My most popular article so far in terms of visitors is – Fighting a Taller Opponent closely followed by my Boxing Diet Plan article & how to jab in boxing. I work for a sports ecommerce site by day, and write guides and posts, like this one about football pitch dimensions.

Looking for a punchbag?



I’m a 42 years old and now train a lot at home and improvise in a range of ways to stay fit and healthy. I am a dad & a husband and see these as my primary & secondary roles in life, with training a distant third priority. I’ve discovered a range of ways to keep on top of training however, using bands, DIY punchbags, and bodyweight exercises among other things.

Health & fitness are more of a priority for me now, rather than performance in the cage. However I do still train in MMA & BJJ and use the sports as motivation to improve my fitness. For example, I’ll do circuits full of MMA related movements and motivate myself to do cardio so that I can see the increases in my endurance during sparring and rolling.

I still train with competitor fighters and need the same strict approach to diet, strength & conditioning and psychology. I regularly update the blog as well as the technique directory.