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Welcome to my Fitness Blog & MMA Blog UK. It’s basically a mash-up of all things I’m interested in.

I am a former MMA fighter and kickboxer. I have a first class Degree in Sport Science from Loughborough University and a Master’s degree in Exercise & Nutrition. Download my free MMA Nutrition Book here. Contact me here.

Please visit my blog for the latest in Fitness articles, MMA, diet plans, Jiu Jitsu and more. My most popular article so far in terms of visitors and time on page is – Fighting a Taller Opponent closely followed by How to Fight a Bigger Guy and Win

I’m a 37 years old and now train a lot at home and improvise in a range of ways to stay fit and healthy. I am a dad & a husband and see these as my primary & secondary roles in life, with training a distant third priority. I’ve discovered a range of ways to keep on top of training however, using bands, DIY punchbags, and bodyweight exercises amongst other things. Please take a look around and subscribe to my blog to keep up to date.