Everlast MMA Training Glove Review

Link to gloves

These are really good for the price – £12.99
I’m a left-wing anti-establishment type, so I’m not saying that just because I got sent a pair for free.
They are really well padded and have good wrist support.
If anyone remembers the Harbinger gloves – well, they don’t have as much padding around the knuckles as those gloves (which retail for around £40), but they are a lot more versatile than the Harbingers which can’t be used to grapple in because of the leather that covers the palm.

These are great for the pads and the bag, and for grappling.
 They may also be useful for preparing for a fight.
 If you're used to boxing and sparring in 12oz gloves, then you're reach and distancing needs to adjust to MMA gloves.
 When you make the switch from bulky boxing gloves to MMA gloves, it's like trying to drive a car in flip flops or bare feet; it's just weird and it doesn't feel normal.
 These gloves are padded more than the 4oz fighting gloves.
 You could use them for some very light sparring just to get your distancing.
 Obviously there's MMA sparring gloves you can use as well, but even those too are so padded that they increase your reach by a couple of inches, which can throw you off when you're in a fight with 4oz gloves, and suddenly your reach is shorter.

For the price these gloves are great.

This dude seems to agree too:

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