Highland Backhold Wrestling

If anyone gets the chance, give BackHold Wrestling a try.
It’s got some great, simple techniques, but also some flashy suplex type throws too.

The competition in the Cowal Highland Gathering attracted competitors from Scotland, England, Wales, France, Iceland and the USA.

I’ve done a fair bit of freestyle wrestling (for MMA), but this was brilliant, and even if I didn’t do too well, competing in the Cowal Highland Games has to go down as one of the best experiences of my life:

Cowal Highland Games

Traditional Wrestling – Cowal Highland Games

Cowal Highland Games Wrestling

Backhold Wrestling

Backhold Wrestling

The Flying Welshman

The bouts, as you might expect, start with both combatants, taking ‘hold’ around each others backs.

Your right arm has to be an “underhook” – so it goes under the other guy’s left arm (with his right arm doing the same on your left hand side).
You can not break your grip, or place any part of your body (besides your feet) on the ground.

Check out Carnoustie BackHold Wrestling club on FB if you are thinking of having a go.

If you would like to go and watch the Highland Games, and/or backhold wrestling in action. Take a look at the Cowal Gathering Website

It was a refreshing change to compete in front of a large crowd, with a great atmosphere and friendly ‘feel’; rather than the drunk and hostile crowds that attend the average MMA bout in the UK.  The lads competing were great too, and could no doubt have done me some real damage if they wanted to. With the ethos on not hurting your opponent, and with me being easily outclassed, there wasn’t too much danger of that happening (fortunately!).

Highland wrestling


Backhold wrestlingImage Source

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