The 8 Most Inspirational Pictures of All Time

8. This driver, actually indicating (albeit for an instructional photo)
car indicating

7. This photo, which embodies multiculturalism
Chinese man
6. Me losing at Highland Wrestling

Backhold Wrestling

He who dares, wins


5. Ted showing how excitable dogs can be

Ted log

Ted + Log = Fun


4. My neighbours showing that empathy, consideration and humanity; are NOT dead

Car parking



3. Ted and I bonding, the look in his eye says it all (click pic to enlarge)


Ted and I

2. and Ted and Jo bonding, participating in their favourite past-time

Dog sleeping


1. Lee Davies, actually getting on with some training

Lee training

Lee doing Hex Bar deadlifts

Bonus Pic – Ted with a cone on his head + Ted fully recovered, living harmoniously with chickens

Ted dog cone head

“Sky 1 please Ted lad”Ted chickens dog

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