4,000 Calorie Diet Plan – 2022 (.pdf)

A Practical 4,000 Calorie Diet Plan

Eat at your own risk

I highly recommend investing in a blender!  That’s one of the easiest ways to get more calories without eating any rubbish. Blend bananas, avocados, hemp seeds, fruit, a bit of kale etc.

Easy Sources of Calories

  • Nuts like pecans are great
  • Full fat milk
  • Coconut milk (not the watered down cartons though)
  • Avocados
  • Smoothies with peanut butter, bananas and olive oil in them
  • Flapjacks
  • Overnight Oats with honey & peanut butter
  • Maltodextrin powder (high in calories but also very processed)

For work I personally make my own flapjacks/biscuits using oats, cinnamon, raisins and peanut butter.

4000 calorie diet plan

Coconut Milk is a great source of calories – but not the watered down rubbish in cartons. Look for tins that are at leat 50% coconut milk (100% coconut milk is also great, but difficult to scoop out of the tins, you can actually drink the tins that are 50% water. Cartons are typically 96% water and 3% coconut milk)

Example 4,000 Calorie Diet Plan


Protein Smoothie

Blend –
4 tablespoons of coconut milk powder (or a tin of PURE coconut milk)
2 bananas
half an avocado
30g protein powder (hemp or whey)

(approx 1,000 calories)

Mid-Morning Snack

2 Rice cakes cover with peanut butter
Glass of full fat milk (or pure coconut milk)


Home Made Flap Jacks

Made with cinamon, butter, oats, raisins, ground almonds, peanut butter


Phat Fudge – recipe here



Feta Cheese (20g)
Ham or chicken (50g)
1 avocado

1 wholemeal bap with butter or coconut oil
Handful of almonds
(approx 1000 calories)

Afternoon Snack

30g Protein shake with coconut milk

(1 tin is approx 800 calories if the coconut milk is pure, with no added water)

(Approx calories – 900)

Main meal

Sweet potatoes

(Approx 750 calories)

Total calories approx 4,400
Total Protein approx 200g

Other sources of high quality calories

Pure almond milk – soak almonds overnight, then blend
Olive oil
Fish oil
Hemp seeds – I now blend these rather than using protein powder
Coconut oil/milk – watch out for the cartons that are only about 5% coconut milk

DOWNLOAD 4,000 Calorie Diet Plan as a .pdf Here