Finishing a Failed Double Leg Shot

Some quick tips for MMA

Watch your neck – keep it tucked, and fight any hands that come near your neck

Tripod Up  & Rotate – Down dog position, straighten your legs with your bum in the air, practice taking a massive step and rotating to the back from this position.

Reach Around and Grab the Guy’s Far Lat – Even if the guy is defending with double underhooks this works.  If you are in a headlock, rotate towards your trapped arm (or sit through).

If the guy has no underhooks at all, keep driving and try and grab and foot and torque it by dragging the foot around to the outside.

If you are in a headlock, or just stuck underneath and can’t reach his feet/legs, then you can try a sit-through

Get your head to the outside when possible

If in doubt push forwards, then drive yourself backwards and out and stand up

Try not to stall, or turtle up after a double leg shot that fails to capture the legs first time.  Immediately tripod up and rotate or grab a leg.